Press Release of 26 July 2016 The President of ANAC Cantone praises the experience of CPL CONCORDIA in the Senate

The President of the National Anti-Corruption Authority, in the Annual Report presented to the Senators of the Republic, defined the cooperative's experience as "particularly effective" in ensuring continuity of employment and testing the effectiveness of the receivership to support and protect the company on the tracks of legality

Concordia (MO), 26 July 2016 – CPL CONCORDIA has been the positive protagonist of the Annual Report of the President of ANAC, Dr. Raffaele Cantone. In his presentation to the Senate of the Republic in recent days, the President of the National Anti-Corruption Authority dedicated an entire paragraph to the illustration of the "CPL case", defining it as a "particularly effective" experience to ensure the continuation of the company's activity on the tracks of legality.

After a brief description of the procedures applied to the company during 2015, President Cantone explained how it was "the first experiment aimed at testing the effectiveness of the commissionership" supported by the more general action of support and monitoring of the company, and concluded with the statement: "CPL Concordia's experience has proved to be particularly effective both because it has made it possible to guarantee the continuity of some 1,300 contracts for the provision of public utility services, while ensuring the discontinuity and dissociation of the new governance against the subjects involved in the corrupt acts, and for having allowed significantly reduce the impact on employment, including through the use of social safety nets".

"The merit of this important recognition, for which we are grateful to President Cantone", Said the President of CPL CONCORDIA Mauro Gori, "must be shared with the members and employees of the cooperativewith the Prefect of Modena and the Commissioners, with the Regional and local institutions, with trade unions and Legacoop".

The model put in place by ANAC, as explained by Cantone, is divided into 4 phases: Evaluation, carried out in close collaboration with the Prefecture of Modena; Reconnaissance, carried out by the prefectural commissioners to verify all public contracts in progress; management, to execute the contracts and support the new governance in the renewal action; consolidation, with a tutorship aimed at supporting the company in the delicate process of re-entering the market.

"CPL CONCORDIA has reasserted itself with all its strength in the energy market contexts, from facility management to cogeneration," President Gori underlined, "and is achieving the restructuring results in line with the 2016-2020 business plan."