Press Release January 15, 2016


The Prefecture of Modena has lifted the anti-mafia interdiction and declared the receivership of the CPL CONCORDIA Group company operating in Ischia to be over. The measure follows the readmission of the parent company CPL and the companies CPL Distribuzione and Marigliano Gas in recent months.

Ischiagas srl - a company of the CPL CONCORDIA Group that deals with the design and construction of methane gas distribution networks on the island of Ischia - announces that on 12 January the Prefecture of Modena ordered the lifting of the anti-mafia ban against the company with provision no. 75776/2015/Area 1/Antimafia. The Prefect also ordered the termination of the extraordinary and temporary management of the company by the commissioners who had been appointed on 1 June 2015.

The reasons for the measure state that, following a careful review by the Interforce Group set up at the Prefecture of Modena, it is believed that "at present there are no relevant circumstances for the purposes of ascertaining mafia infiltration attempts" and that "there are no causes preventing the updating of the anti-mafia interdictory information and consequently the registration in the white list".

Account was also taken of the updating of the anti-mafia information issued to the parent company CPL CONCORDIA, which led to its inclusion on the white list. Last December, the companies CPL Distribuzione and Marigliano Gas were also readmitted to the white list.

Ischiagas srl would like to express its heartfelt thanks to all those subjects – in particular those in charge of legality, such as the President of ANAC Cantone, the Prefect of Modena Di Bari, the prefectural commissioners - Prof. Giovanni Sebastiano Barozzi and Prof. Andrea Ferrari - who have been able to understand and enhance the changes introduced.