Press Release January 12, 2016

CPL CONCORDIA specifies that the causes of the collapse of the lighting pole in Piazza del Popolo in the Municipality of Ravenna are still being ascertained and, at the moment, there is no confirmation of direct responsibility for the incident.

The Cooperative, which began the management of the public lighting of the Municipality of Ravenna in 2013, inheriting the poles from the previous management, has always respected the contractual agreements - governed by the redevelopment and regulatory adaptation project. In compliance with safety standards, CPL has provided - over time - for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the poles and lighting fixtures, replacing over 1000 of the oldest poles since the beginning of the mandate.

CPL CONCORDIA, while waiting for total clarity on the causes and dynamics of the accident, confirms its full willingness to cooperate with the Authorities and the Municipal Administration.