Press Release 9 March 2016


On 15 March, the Modena-based energy group is organising "Billing XL", a workshop involving Gas, Electricity and Water operators. From regulatory developments to the optimization of Data Management and billing and customer care software, from the call center to customer loyalty thanks to conscious energy saving, the purpose of the meeting is to promote best practices and comparison between qualified operators. Among the partners of the event are Microsoft, IFS Italia, H-energy, Isolutions and X DataNet.

The management of Utilities' customers is affected by frequent regulatory adjustments that make IT updates essential and constant. Technological developments and "real-time" assistance can constitute a new extension of opportunities - hence the concept of XL - for the optimization of Master Data Management and Billing and CRM software.

For these reasons CPL CONCORDIA, a Modena-based multi-utility group, organizes the "Billing XL" workshop with the aim of promoting best practices and sharing expertise between operators in the Gas, Electricity and Water sectors. The event will be held Tuesday 15 March 2016 (starting at 9.30 am) at the Serego Alighieri Estate in Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella (VR).

The speeches will range from the themes of regulatory developments (Integrated Information System and Rai Fee in the bill; application and IT impacts) to the new water regulation (Unbundling and Commercial Quality). Then there will be a wide emphasis on IT services for utilities, with the intervention of the partner Microsoft (software innovations to support business processes), the management of Billing and CRM activities (with CPL MUBI and USER software) and Pre-Billing with EDL-Plus & Distributor Management (presented by IFS Italia).

This will be followed by topics concerning the call center (ICT CPL), the Internet of Things (illustrated by H-energy) for energy saving and customer loyalty, and the ReCheck software, the latest check to avoid errors in bills, by X DataNet. At the end, the in-depth debate, moderated by Emanuele Martinelli of Energia Media, as media partner of the event.

"The aim of the day," explains Samuele Penzo , head of the Billing & Outsourcing sector at CPL CONCORDIA, "is to illustrate, share and deepen some recent regulatory changes and their impact on IT systems, software, organization and influence on the business of companies operating in gas, electricity and water services."