Modena trial on the methanization of Ischia: CPL CONCORDIA announces appeal

Concordia sulla Secchia (MO), 1 March 2019 - Having learned of the operative part of the sentence pronounced yesterday by the Court of Modena at the end of the trial relating to the methanization of the Island of Ischia, CPL CONCORDIA takes note of the judges' decisions with respect.

Once the reasons are known, the Company intends to appeal, in the belief that the charges specifically addressed to it on the basis of Legislative Decree 231/01 do not exist. The Company also notes that the judges, applying the extenuating circumstances with respect to the requests of the Public Prosecutor's Office, have nevertheless recognized CPL CONCORDIA for having adopted and implemented an organizational model suitable for preventing any wrongdoing.

Finally, CPL points out that the judgment recognizes the Company in compensation for damages, as a civil party, in an amount equal to twice the amount of the sanction imposed on it.

For the Company, the trial was a painful event, which profoundly marked the last years of the cooperative's life and the context in which it operates. Thanks to the efforts of more than 1500 members and employees, CPL CONCORDIA has managed to regain a role in the market with determination and renewed energy And today it looks to the future supported by positive economic and financial results.