Let’s talk about us: The “Via Emilia Pact” to grow in LNG

Source: "Il Sole 24 Ore" - 19 January 2023



An important collaboration agreement was recently signed between Vulcangas, a leader in the distribution of LNG and Bio LNG, and CPL CONCORDIA

The economic and social complexity that we have been going through for several years now can only be faced and overcome with the direct involvement of large companies and their ability to create a system around a common project of new industrial, energy and production development.

This is the deepest and most authentic meaning of "Pact of the Via Emilia", a Growth project and direct collaboration signed last December between Società Italiana Gas Liquidi S.p.A, based in Rimini and for over 40 years the leading Italian operator in the distribution of clean energy, in particular Liquefied Natural Gas, LNG and BIO LNG, under the brand Vulcangas, and the Modena-based giant CPL CONCORDIA Emilian multi-service group, active throughout the country and leader in the energy and storage systems sector.

It is therefore a pact aimed at Generate quality work and at the same time supporting and accompanying the country in the ecological transition strengthening the development of liquefied natural gas as a flexible energy source, versatile and with a Low environmental impact compared to all other fossil fuels both in terms of CO2 emissions and other pollutants.

The important project, a real business network contract, called "the Via Emilia Pact", therefore aims to spread LNG plants throughout Italy, thus making a concrete contribution to the energy transition, reducing the risks of raw material quotas and giving price stability.

"The alliance recently signed with the plant manufacturer CPL CONCORDIA – confirms the CEO of Vulcangas, Giacomo Fabbri – will allow us to spread LNG, an energy carrier recognized by the European Union as a protagonist and key element of the energy and ecological transition, to new realities, industrial and otherwise. In fact, we are convinced that public and private bodies and infrastructures will increasingly turn to the liquefied natural gas market for ecological and saving reasons and now, with this agreement, they will be able to find in the two companies a single, valuable, interlocutor".

In short, the collaboration agreement allows Vulcangas and CPL to Looking to the future with strategic objectives and concrete projects, sets out commitments and responsibilities shared by Vulcangas and CPL with respect to a Common Industrial Path who improve the quality of work, of life and overcome the conflict between development and the environment, enhancing all the potential and spaces that this change offers to the territory.

"This agreement will allow us to offer companies both the LNG molecule and the storage and regasification plant in a single package," said Paolo Barbieri, president of CPL CONCORDIA. This is exactly what we have thirty years of experience in thanks to the design, construction and maintenance of the plants."

The project has already started with 6 plants for major national energy-intensive companies that have chosen Vulcangas as a partner for the supply of the molecule and CPL as a partner for the construction, management and maintenance of the storage and regasification plant. Some of them have also joined the campaign that sees the supply of the molecule and the availability of the plant for rent in a single contract.

The goal is therefore to share a single energy strategy capable of facing the current difficulties , thus overcoming them, giving full support to the economy and society, generating new sustainable development and new jobs.

In this same direction, made up of unity of purpose and reciprocal and shared commercial development, a further valuable piece must be recorded.

In recent months, the Modena-based multi-service group has in fact sold one of its business units to Vulcangas. This is Polargas, currently the fourth national operator in the distribution of LNG with over 12,000 tons per year for both industrial and automotive use, and with a concentration of its customers mainly in Northern Italy.

With this acquisition and entering the direct management of Polargas, Vulcangas further strengthens its position as the leading national operator in the distribution of LNG and Bio LNG.

The deal concluded in recent months and the official launch of the "Pact of the Via Emilia" project was therefore born in the wake of the development model of industrial districts and is designed in the logic of relaunch the competitiveness of the business system by leveraging the capacity for innovation, specialization and the sharing of knowledge to increase the range of services, benefits and reciprocal opportunities.

Aalliance that certifies the development and consolidation of labour relations and interchange between the two major Italian companies in the Energy and Services sector and which, in the face of great opportunities for both companies in Emilia Romagna, allows Vulcangas and CPL CONCORDIA to Grow with the utmost mutual respect for roles, the reference business and the respective commercial targets without ever losing sight of its identity and values.