Launched a national recruiting campaign of more than 250 people

Profiles are sought to support the group's economic growth and follow up on numerous new projects

Concordia (Modena), August 07, 2023 - CPL CONCORDIA, after closing the first phase of its national recruiting campaign, aimed at strengthening all of the Group's divisions, with the insertion of more than 220 new resources by July 2023, announces the start of a second phase that aims to find another 250 new people by the end of the year, for all the main Italian offices, ranging from Melegnano, Arezzo, Bologna, Concordia (Modena), Fano, Sant'Omero, Nola, Rome, Padua and Ravenna Bari.

Personnel recruitment and selection is carried out on the basis of objectivity, transparency and equal opportunity. Recruitment and selection processes are structured and managed with the same rigor for all types of personnel called upon to fill positions in the different areas of the company. In recruitment activities, the experience and professional requirements gained in the career of the candidates are considered, valuing, where appropriate, belonging to the territory and local communities, in line with what is expressed in the Cooperative's mission.

Potential young people without experience are selected on the basis of educational background and motivation to build a professional profile in line with what CPL can offer for human capital development.

Regarding hiring policies, CPL CONCORDIA refers to its code of ethics: equal opportunities to all candidates and applicants without discrimination or favoritism related to criteria such as age, gender, affective orientation, health status, disability, neurodiversity, ethnic origin, skin color, nationality, political beliefs, religious faith, culture, union affiliation, marital status or any other personal characteristic: from hiring, terms and conditions of employment, to changes until termination of employment.

In support of the Recruiting campaign, CPL CONCORDIA has entered into important partnerships with schools and universities. Through training internships, funding workshop activities, scholarships, training testimonials, and job and school choice orientation events, the company counts on contributing to the reduction of mismatch. Training courses targeting the unemployed, aimed at employment, were also organized.

Sara Saltini, Director of Organization and Skills Development at CPL Concordia commented, "Employees are CPL's most important resource, and we are investing so much in skills development and Enhancement. We support development through learning programs based on 'coaching, training courses and continuous professional growth We believe that investing in the constant improvement of skills and knowledge contributes to productivity, motivation and job satisfaction. We are implementing a skills and performance appraisal system that through regular monitoring and feedback systems will enable us to consolidate the strengths and support the areas of improvement of our employees, promoting individual development with a view to achieving company goals. We also attend to the engagement and motivation of our resources both through climate surveys and 1-to-1 interviews scheduled with HRBP. We implement welfare and incentive policies as well as recreational and socialization initiatives by promoting employee engagement to improve job satisfaction and reduce turnover."

The company was awarded the UNI ISO 30415:2021 "Diversity & Inclusion" certification in May because it strongly believes in diversity as a value that enables workplaces to be enriched with everyone's characteristics and experiences. CPL CONCORDIA also established the Internal Equal Opportunity Committee, in line with Goals 5 "gender equality" and 10 "reducing inequality" of the UN 2030 Agenda, coordinated by the new figure in charge: "Diversity Equity & Inclusion Specialist." The Cooperative understands that no future will be sustainable unless organizations are at the forefront of spreading an inclusive culture that respects diversity.

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