For those who will come after us: for the 120th anniversary CPL CONCORDIA chooses to be “Plastic Free”

The "Planet or Plastic" by the Cooperative will lead to the elimination of more than 30,000 plastic bottles every year on the farm. Good environmental protection practices also include the full LED renovation of outdoor lighting and the inclusion of electric and methane-powered vehicles in the company fleet

29 May 2019 - Every year, 8 million tons of non-degradable plastic waste are dumped into the oceans, the currents form islands of waste as large as continents: the one in the North Pacific alone is 34 times the size of the Netherlands, France and Spain combined.

On the occasion of the celebrations for 120 years of activity, with the "Planet or Plastic" project, CPL CONCORDIA has decided to make its contribution to limiting the use of "disposable" materials in all its locations, reducing the consumption of plastic materials. How so? By removing the plastic bottles of water from the dispensers and placing water dispensers in their place, with the possibility of also selecting the degree of fizz.

To encourage this new type of use CPL gave its 1700 employees a personalized stainless steel water bottle: in addition to the special 120th anniversary logo, in fact, each worker was able to choose whether to engrave your name and surname or a nick name that makes the bottle a series of unique pieces.

"With the 'Planet or Plastic' project, CPL has estimated an annual saving of more than 30,000 plastic bottles," explained Samuele Penzo, Vice President of CPL CONCORDIA. "This initiative for environmental protection is in addition to other "good practices" already implemented in the Cooperative, among which the LED makeover of 120 outdoor lighting fixtures and the inclusion of Electric and methane-powered vehicles in the company fleet which has over 1800 vehicles".

It has also been calculated that in the last 3 years, thanks to the installation of photovoltaics, special remote-controlled refrigeration units for air conditioning, CPL has contributed to avoiding the emission of 404 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, saving 162 TOE (tons of oil equivalent). CPL is ISO 50001 certified for efficient energy management and has an internal working group that every year sets itself objectives for improvement compared to the results achieved in the previous year, punctually reported in the Sustainability Report to be published soon.