Elettra Investimenti S.p.A. and CPL CONCORDIA sign an agreement for the promotion of LNG regasification plants in the Italian market under the ESCo formula

Latina, Concordia sulla Secchia (MO), 06 February 2019 - Elettra Investimenti S.p.A., Innovative SME operating on the national territory in the electricity production and thermal and in theenergy efficiency, listed on the AIM Italia market, organized and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A., through its subsidiary Php tholos, and CPL CONCORDIA, a multi-utility energy group, have signed a commercial agreement aimed at the diffusion in the Italian market of new LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) regasification plants in association with cogeneration plants.

Through this commercial partnership, CPL CONCORDIA and Elettra Investimenti S.p.A - through their subsidiary Tholos Php - intend to create and guarantee energy saving systems by ensuring the use of natural gas even in areas not currently covered by the natural gas distribution network.

CPL CONCORDIA, an Italian multi-utility group that has been operating in the energy sector for over 60 years, has been operating for years as a certified ESCo and has consolidated know-how in the construction and in-service maintenance of energy and cogeneration plants. It has several regasification plants to its credit in Italy for both automotive and industrial use. Thanks to its subsidiary Polargas, CPL is able to guarantee the supply of Liquid Natural Gas throughout Italy. In addition, through the company Higas, it is currently engaged in the construction of a 9000 cubic meter LNG depot in Sardinia.

Tholos Php, specialized in the development of interventions to improve energy efficiency and management system of the installations and Through the use of the EXACTO platform, it is a reference company in the energy sector in Italy with the aim of creating value for its customers thanks to a wide range of energy services offered.

Thanks to the collaboration between CPL CONCORDIA and Tholos Php, customers will be offered customized and innovative solutions for the industrial market, in order to provide energy efficiency technologies related to Liquid Natural Gas, also in the ESCo formula.

Dr. Fabio Massimo Bombacci, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Elettra Investimenti S.p.A., commented on the transaction: "Tholos Php with the signature of theagreement with CPL CONCORDIA, continued on growth path in the field ofenergy efficiency through Solutions for the Provision of thermal and electrical energy through LNG-powered plants in the ESCo formula. This agreement is a further step in the positioning of the Elettra Investimenti group as a leading player in the energy market in Italy."

Commenting on the signing of the agreement, Dr. Pierluigi Capelli, General Manager of CPL CONCORDIA, said: "The agreement between CPL CONCORDIA and Tholos Php strengthens our position as a leading company in the energy sector and an industrial partner necessary to operationalize the most innovative projects. The widespread presence on the national territory, the strong engineering skills and the design backlogs in the field are the foundations for the highest levels of success".