Ducati, Lamborghini, Aruba: companies at the top of competitiveness thanks to the energy “treasure hunt”

On the "Energy Saving Day" in Bologna, leading national companies will meet in a workshop on energy efficiency organized in collaboration with CPL CONCORDIA

Bologna, 29 September 2016 – Energy efficiency as the key to business competitiveness. This is the heart of the "Energy Saving Day" workshop held today in Bologna and promoted by CPL CONCORDIA, a national multi-utility company that called on Italian companies including Ducati, Lamborghini and Aruba to discuss their best practices.

"CPL is back on the energy efficiency market with the founding elements of its more than one hundred year history," recalled CPL CONCORDIA's Sales Director Rosario Calandruccio. "We want to share our passion for energy solutions and our technical and management skills with companies that believe in competitiveness through savings."

Luigi Pederzini of Ducati Motor Holding recounted the Borgo Panigale manufacturer's path to energy emancipation, which has invested all company players with savings paths and policies. Stefano Sordi of Aruba, an international leader in internet and hosting solutions, described the company's strategies based on the rational use of energy.

The sector associations - FIRE, E4Saving and ASCOMAC - with their representatives also spoke of an " energy treasure hunt" through concrete examples of improvements that the Paris Agenda will increasingly take into account at an international level for sustainable development. "The importance attributed to how the product is created will grow more and more, whether it is a top-class motorcycle or a cloud computing service," underlined ASCOMAC Secretary General Carlo Belvedere.

A confirmation of this new production approach was provided by Massimo Scarpenti: "Automobili Lamborghini is committed to making its economic and business objectives consistent with the protection and continuous improvement of environmental conditions and energy efficiency". Massimo Ferniani, director of the 3A Arborea dairy plant, the first in Sardinia to use Liquefied Natural Gas supplied by Polargas, a subsidiary of the CPL Group, spoke of sustainable production as a fundamental element for the quality of the products.

The Vice-President of CPL CONCORDIA, Paolo Barbieri, was entrusted with the conclusions: "The fact that large companies recognize CPL's consolidated technological know-how and timely support in terms of performance is a source of pride and confidence for the relaunch of our cooperative."