CPLBAS: behave and save – the project that rewards the virtuous guidance of CPL employees

According to CPL CONCORDIA's Sustainability Mission and the commitments made thanks to the achievement of important certifications, in particular ISO 50001 on Energy Management, in recent years our Company has adopted several good practices for the reduction of waste and for the optimization of energy use.

In accordance with the company's Strategic Sustainability Plan, CPL CONCORDIA has always pursued a green policy aimed at monitoring the impact of its activities on the environment. On the basis of the data collected in the latest Sustainability Report, there is room for improvement in fuel consumption by the CPL fleet. For 2021, therefore, the Cooperative has set itself the goal of optimizing fuel consumption with a double advantage: environmental and economic.

For involve the workforce in this project, CPL has decided to Encourage conscious use by employees of the vehicles that make up the company fleet, in order to make the use of fuel more efficient, rewarding the most virtuous drivers, so as to redistribute part of one's savings with those who have contributed to obtaining it and pursuing a continuous search for improvement with a view to sustainability and protection of the territory.

Some of the results achieved: