CPL puts Concordia Hotel back in use: discounted rates for healthcare workers

CPL Concordia is once again responding to the Modena USL Authority's appeal by once again making the Concordia Hotel available for healthcare.

In fact, the multiservice company was the first to participate in the Mirandola District accommodation search notice issued by the Ausl to find accommodations and overnight services at subsidized rates for staff in service and in training at the Mirandola Hospital or in the District's Territorial Services, coming from outside the province or domiciled far from their place of business, with special attention to new recruits and staff destined to cover active on-call shifts.

Thanks to the participation in the notice and the subsequent agreement signed between CPL and the Health Authority, the Concordia Hotel will be able to offer advantageous rates to health care, technical and administrative workers, whether they are Ausl employees, contracted or freelance; but also to professionals in training or who, in any capacity, guarantee coverage of essential health services, with the aim of facilitating the reduction of living costs, increasing the attractiveness at the professional level of the health services present in the Mirandola area.

As is well known, CPL had already made the Concordia Hotel available during the Covid emergency, opening the facility's doors on several occasions to accommodate positive self-sufficient Covid-19 citizens who needed isolation but did not have the safety conditions provided by the Department of Public Health in their homes.

"CPL Concordia's sensitivity and attention come from afar," say Angelo Vezzosi, Director of the Mirandola District, and Giuseppe Licitra, of the Santa Maria Bianca Health Department; "already during the pandemic emergency, the Concordia Hotel had been invaluable in managing isolations. Today, a further testimony of generosity, for which we are grateful once again to CPL: these manifestations of attachment from the area to health services fill us with pride and encourage us to continue on the path of collaboration between different entities and subjects to render an increasingly better service to citizens."

"Our Concordia Hotel, after the interlude due to Covid and the reception of Afghan refugees, returns to its original vocation as a hotel facility that offers services to those who move for tourism or business needs: we are happy to be able to make ourselves useful by offering facilitated conditions for health workers who serve in our area and qualify the health offer of the lower Modena area," comments CPL CONCORDIA President Paolo Barbieri.