CPL CONCORDIA’s eco-sustainability extends to bees

With the "Bee Sustainable" project, the cooperative has decided to adopt 500,000 bees to support repopulation and increase environmental awareness among members and stakeholders CPL CONCORDIA has always been attentive to the well-being and development of its territory, from every economic, social and environmental point of view. For this reason, the cooperative has chosen to make its contribution to the protection of the ecosystem, adopting 500,000 bees in collaboration with a local farm that has been involved in beekeeping for 20 years. The initiative is part of the environmental sustainability project called "BEE SUSTAINABLE", with which CPL intends to contribute to protecting these insects that play a fundamental role in the food chain with direct and indirect pollination in the production of fruit and vegetables. The new hives that the company has helped to create and populate with bees will be a further testimony of CPL's commitment to corporate social responsibility and, last but not least, will make it possible to obtain excellent zero-km honey every year for the more than 570 members of all the cooperative's offices . CPL's "BEE SUSTAINABLE" project also includes educational and informative visits on beekeeping at the farm for members, employees and family members and for students from local schools.