CPL CONCORDIA, trade union agreement on meal vouchers and over 700 thousand euros in support of workers

Yesterday CPL concluded an agreement with the trade union representatives agreeing on an increase that brings the value of meal vouchers to €8 for staff working in presence. For a year now, the Company has been recognising the restaurant ticket for all workers and therefore also for staff working from home and on business trips, up to a maximum of 12 euros per day. In addition, an agreement has been signed that will recognize 250 euros in the form of corporate welfare to each employee. These are just some of the actions implemented by the Company in a complex period for the socio-economic situation of families due to the uncertainty of the economic recovery, inflation, and high bills. In fact, in the last twelve months, CPL CONCORDIA has activated a series of interventions promoting income support initiatives, allocating up to 830 euros to each member-employee. The total investment exceeded 700 thousand euros. These amounts were disbursed in the form of welfare and used by staff for the purchase of fuel vouchers, shopping vouchers and as a contribution for domestic utilities as well as for all the other services on the company platform used by employees.