CPL CONCORDIA in favour of the earthquake victims of Central Italy

The cooperative, hit by the 2012 earthquake, has decided to donate 22 containers to the Civil Protection and emergency agencies for the needs of the affected populations

Concordia sulla Secchia (MO), 30 August 2016 - The tragic events of the earthquake in Central Italy arouse in us a strong and authentic feeling of sharing in the pain of the affected populations. As a dutiful act of appreciation and gratitude to those who were close to us at the time, we feel the need to express concrete solidarity today, even in the difficult moment that the cooperative is going through.

At this morning's meeting, the Board of Directors of CPL CONCORDIA approved an initial which, also as a result of the contacts already had with the institutional subjects in charge of the emergency, is substantiated in the provision of means and goods deemed necessary: in particular the donation of 22 6x2.5 metre self-locking containers, currently located at the Concordia headquarters, was approved for the uses they deem most appropriate. This will result in an asset loss of approximately €28,000.

The Board of Directors also invited all shareholders and employees to contribute to the initiative, even in a personal capacity, using the following current accounts:

  • IT17 N031 2703 2000 0000 0011 000, activated at Unipol Banca and in the name of LegaCoop e Mutue dedicated to "Sisma Italia Centrale 24/8/2016"
  • IT52M0200812930000003398693, activated by the Province of Modena, reason for payment "Solidarity actions for the earthquake in central Italy on 24 August"

In both cases, the contributions collected will be aimed at aid projects for the affected populations and damaged companies.