CPL CONCORDIA finally acquitted on appeal in relation to Ischia methanization

Last Thursday, May 11, the Bologna Court of Appeals acquitted CPL CONCORDIA by a full verdict of all administrative charges resulting from corruption charges related to methanization works on the island of Ischia brought against some of its former top executives. The operative part of the ruling "declares that the administrative offense charged against the cooperative does not exist because the fact does not exist."

CPL CONCORDIA, indicted since 2015 for administrative liability under Legislative Decree 231/01, was also acquitted by a full verdict in the latest trial still pending. The Cooperative then exits with no conviction from all the criminal proceedings in which she had been involved as a result of the events that echoed so much in the past.

In the long years of litigation following the investigations into the methanization of Ischia, the damage suffered by CPL CONCORDIA in terms of declining turnover, staff outflow, and loss of reputation has been extensive.

Only the steadfast and unwavering commitment of the directors, members and employees, the proximity of Legacoop and the cooperation of the Banking Class, as well as the work of the legal advocates, to whom the thanks of the entire company are due, have enabled the Cooperative to overcome the most difficult times, recover its role in the market and, for several years now, begin to report profitable financial statements again.

"It has been a long and complicated journey," said CPL CONCORDIA President Paolo Barbieri, "but now that the confident judicial outcome has been reached, and with the awareness given by the results obtained in terms of turnover and employment, the Cooperative is projecting itself toward an increasingly leading role in the development of the energy transition in Italy.