CPL CONCORDIA corporate supplement signed

Under the terms of the agreement, signed by all the trade unions, performance bonuses linked to company performance and a solidarity hour bank for employees in difficulty will be provided

C0ncordia, 29 June - An agreement was signed yesterday between CPL CONCORDIA and representatives of all the trade unions.

This is a significant event, given that the last unitary agreement for construction and engineering dates back to 2001, while the most recent supplementary agreement with the metalworkers was dated 2008; the negotiation was also lengthy in the face of the problems involving CPL - the earthquake, the judicial events and the pandemic - and will last until 2024.

One of the highlights is the performance bonus that will be paid to workers in the form of variable remuneration to be linked to indicators that express the achievement of company productivity and profitability targets, based on the actual performance of the company based on the indicator called EBITDA and defined by specific parameters established by the business plan underlying the recovery agreement with the banking class.

Once the goal has been achieved, each employee will also be able to choose the Welfare option, i.e. whether to allocate all or 50% of the Performance Bonus accrued for the use of corporate welfare services via a customised web platform.

Satisfaction was expressed by the General Manager of CPL Pierluigi Capelli, who commented: "The agreement signed today is significant in several respects: it indicates an important sharing of corporate strategies with the trade unions in terms of development and recognizes CPL's commitment to the enhancement and protection of its human resources."

In the shared perspective of conceiving the company as a supportive community of people whose cohesion is also nourished through the support of workers and colleagues it has also been defined as a "Solidarity Hour Bank" which will work through the transfer of paid time when they have to face particular problems: through this "bank" You will be able to give your colleagues in difficulty their vacation or leave hours to an extent determined by the agreement specifically signed.

In addition, in view of the results achieved during the difficult 2020, each employee will receive an amount of 200 euros on their welfare account, to be used through the Edenred IT Platform used in the company.