CPL CONCORDIA, CONSIP agreements signed for the supply of the Energy Service in the Lazio and Campania Regions

Concordia sulla Secchia (MO), 20 October 2017 - Yesterday, 19 October, CPL CONCORDIA and CONSIP (the national purchasing centre) signed the agreements relating to the supply of the Energy Service for Public Administrations relating to Lot 7 Lazio and Lot 9 Campania.   The total potential value of the orders is equal to 172.5 million Euros, of which CPL holds 75% while 25% is attributable to the Integra Consortium.   On the basis of the agreements - which will be accessible to the PA as early as next Tuesday 24 October - the Public Administrations of Lazio and Campania will be able to request the provision of the Energy Service at conditions, prices and quality standards already established, with considerable savings compared to market values.   The Integrated Energy Service Agreement (SIE3) provides for the assignment to CPL CONCORDIA of thermal and electrical energy services integrated with typical energy efficiency tools, and has a duration of 2 years, which can be extended for a further year. The individual supply contracts stipulated by the individual administrations will have a duration of 6 years.