CPL CONCORDIA and HoSt sign a Letter of Intent

CPL CONCORDIA has signed a partnership with HoSt Biogas to ensure an optimal solution for the deployment and maintenance of new biomethane upgrading plants for the Italian market. This special collaboration, defined through an LOI (Letter of Intent), It has been designed to guarantee upgrading systems with technologically advanced membranes, ensuring the guarantee of a 24/7 support service.

HoSt is the market leader in the construction of biogas upgrading systems. The company boasts the construction of the world's first commercially available advanced biogas plant with the use of a 3-stage membrane system used in all active plants. HoSt has experience in the management of biogas produced from various types of biomass, including waste and sewage treatment plants. On the basis of this know-how, pre-treatment solutions are put in place, in order to analyze the state of the plant before proceeding with its upgrading. These same plants offered by HoSt are known to be highly efficient and easy to manage.

CPL CONCORDIA currently manages more than 300 plants in Italy as a Cogeneration service and, thanks also to the widespread presence of its subsidiaries at national level, it is able to ensure a more effective after-sales service.

Thanks to the cooperation with HoSt, CPL CONCORDIA will be able to offer unique and innovative solutions for the Italian market on the supply of biogas upgrading technologies and related maintenance, guaranteeing effective and advanced solutions for customers.