BrianzAcque’s cogenerator inaugurated: it will supply electricity to the purification plant and thermal energy to Monza’s district heating

Monza (MB), 20 February 2020 – The high-efficiency cogeneration plant built by CPL CONCORDIA to supply electricity to the BrianzAcque treatment plant and thermal energy for district heating in Monza was inaugurated today.

The plant, built in just 9 months, has a power of 1501 kW electric and 1489 kW thermal and is capable of producing 12 million kWh per year. The thermal energy, recovered from the engine's exhaust gases, will produce hot water that will be fed into the city's district heating network, managed by ACSM AGAM, which serves 330 apartment buildings, as well as public and commercial buildings, particularly in the San Rocco and Triante districts. CPL CONCORDIA After-Sales Service has also been entrusted with the maintenance of the cogeneration plant for the next 10 years.

Thanks to the new structure, the Brianza-based water cycle company will save €1.8 million per year in energy bills, managing to amortize the investment over about three years. The intervention also saw the redevelopment of the sludge heating system in order to optimize the production of biogas by limiting the combustion of methane gas with a view to circular economy.

"With the plant built for BrianzAcque, CPL CONCORDIA confirms its position as one of the national leaders in the operational capacity of cogeneration," said Paolo Barbieri, Chairman of CPL Concordia. "The efficiency project, to which we have contributed with our technical and executive skills, is all the more relevant to the extent that it involves two managers of strategic resources for the territory, the integrated water cycle and district heating, at the service of citizens and the public administration".