At CPL CONCORDIA, sustainability travels through Italy

CPL CONCORDIA, a multi-service energy company, focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility, which it has been reporting for 20 years in the form of a Sustainability Report, thanks to a tour of its offices that ended yesterday during which the company's main results on environmental and social issues were illustrated. It turns out that in 2021 more than 11 million euros were allocated to energy efficiency and digitalization for the main customers and investments in corporate sustainability amounted to 1.4 million euros. 275,000 tons of CO2 have been avoided thanks to cogeneration, 45,000 megawatt hours have been produced with photovoltaics, and 92,000 tons of waste have been recovered from processing with a percentage of 99%.

There have been accolades for the safe and conscious driving - there are over 1100 vehicles in the company - and various initiatives to protect the environment, such as the planting of 2000 trees in the city of Rome and 400 olive trees adopted in Tuscany, through The Roots of Change initiative. "We are strongly committed to an effective, sustainable and rapid energy transition for the benefit of the environment, businesses and citizens," said CPL CONCORDIA President Paolo Barbieri.

The tour was also an opportunity for the awarding of the "The roots of the future" scholarships to graduates of technical and commercial high schools representative of the territory of each location: the young Italian excellences received a total of 6000 Euro for their scholastic commitment and their ability to collaborate and grow in skills also towards the business world. In December, the Study Prizes will be awarded to the children of deserving members worth an additional 6000 euros, to signify attention to the training of future generations.

"Finally, the company has decided to provide each member with 300 euros in the form of welfare to contribute to family budgets in this period of inflation and high energy prices," Barbieri concluded.