A work of street art tells the story of the post-earthquake rebirth: the mural promoted by Legacoop Estense for Coopsday has been inaugurated at the CPL CONCORDIA headquarters

On Friday 8 July, at the CPL headquarters in Concordia, the artwork "Rinascente 2012-2022", the mural dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the earthquake in Emilia and created on the occasion of the International Day of Cooperatives 2022, on the initiative of Legacoop Estense and thanks to the support of the associated cooperatives, was inaugurated. Also present at the inauguration were the deputy mayor of Concordia sulla Secchia Paola Giubertoni and the mayor of San Possidonio Carlo Casari, the two municipalities on which the CPL buildings are located and on whose border stands the wall on which the work was built. "Every year the whole world celebrates Coopsday," says the president of Legacoop Estense Andrea Benini , "a celebration promoted by the UN and the International Co-operative Alliance, which this year has reached its hundredth anniversary. There are 3 million cooperatives in the world, of which about 12% of the world's population is a member and employ about 10% of the world's workforce. Emilia-Romagna has always been a land of cooperation and in Modena and Ferrara one in two inhabitants is a member of a cooperative. Cooperation promotes a resilient way of doing business, based on the centrality of the person, solidarity, attention to communities and territories, and the redistribution of wealth, a model that is needed today more than ever."

"This year we wanted to celebrate Coopsday with a work that recalls a dramatic moment but, above all, tells the story of the ability of cooperatives and the territory to react and recover by working together for a common result," comments the president of CPL CONCORDIA Paolo Barbieri. "CPL has joined the Legacoop initiative, considering the role of cooperatives in the productive fabric of our territory to be strategic for the resilience and ability to restart that they have shown during the earthquake and the pandemic. And this mural is a hymn to rebirth."

The work, which decorates a large wall of one of the cooperative's buildings near the entrance to Via Tanferri, was created by Filippo Tonni, aka Mozone, an artist from Rimini who, with the artistic and organizational direction of Doc Creativity, painted in four days a work that evokes, through a simple and direct symbolism and with an illustrative-comic style, The rebirth from the wounds of the earthquake. "I imagined the wall as an enlargement of a garden," explains Filippo Tonni, "crossed by a deep crack in the ground, which divides the space of memory, represented by two framed period photographs fallen to the ground, by that of rebirth, symbolized by flowers and insects: the red poppy, a symbol of Emilian resistance and tenacity; the butterfly, which represents rebirth, metamorphosis and adaptation; the bee and the ant, collaborative animals par excellence, symbols of industriousness and cooperation". Inside the frames present in the work are depicted two historical photos, where two symbolic monuments of the municipalities on which the CPL headquarters stand can be clearly distinguished: the Bell Tower of San Possidonio and the Town Hall of Concordia Sulla Secchia. A past time suddenly interrupted by the earthquake, a wound that nevertheless leaves room for a colorful future, all to be written and rebuilt.

The project was supported by the cooperatives: CPL CONCORDIA, Assicoop Modena&Ferrara, Coop Alleanza 3.0, Conad Nord Ovest, Parmareggio, Politecnica, Bilanciai, Abitcoop, Gulliver, Alfa Engineering, Mediagroup98 and Doc Creativity.