2nd CPL workshop dedicated to service outsourcing

An urgent need for the world of Utilities, an opportunity for discussion: the Rai fee in the bill, with its imminent entry into force, creates a new and unprecedented situation for companies in the electricity sector.

It certainly cannot be said that it is a period of calm on the regulatory front for companies in the Utility sector. In addition to the upcoming deadlines dictated by the Authority for Energy, Gas and Water Service, there was also the need to respond to government requests regarding the collection of the amounts of the Rai licence fee. The tight deadlines, a regulation that is not yet well defined and the need to redefine projects and company procedures have determined the need for a comparison and updating between the operators of the electricity market.

At the UTILITY XL workshop, organized by CPL CONCORDIA at its headquarters in Melegnano (MI), an attempt was made to respond to these needs, allowing all participants to express the doubts that the management of the fee in the bill can bring and find possible solutions, both in terms of debit, collection, payment to the treasury and accounting management. On the agenda, another topic with a particular impact on company operations, namely the management of processes on the Integrated Information System (SII). In addition to the use that will be made of it to communicate the amounts of the fee that will have to be charged on the invoice, there are numerous obligations that will come into force in the coming weeks: from the switch of the electricity sector, to the gas transfer, up to the on-condition update processes.

The CPL CONCORDIA team is able to offer software solutions, services and consulting for the optimized management of outsourced processes and to guarantee its customers constant regulatory and operational updates.

Article written by Matteo Marchini