CPL CONCORDIA is the official sponsor of the Memoria Festival 2018, the event that invites its audience to embark on a journey to discover the value of the past.

The event will take place from 7 to 10 June, across various locations including Mirandola, a city chosen as a symbol of recovery and rebirth, with strong roots in the past but a strong focus on the future; at the same time, some stages of the Festival will be held in other neighbouring areas.


The event will feature numerous illustrious figures from the Italian cultural, intellectual and entertainment scenes, and participants will be able to pause everyday life and immerse themselves in a world suspended in time.



Four events, one theme

There are four events of which CPL CONCORDIA is the main sponsor, passing through distinct worlds such as sport, literature, music and more, all looking at one key theme: the importance of memory and our roots.


Discover all the details of the events supported by CPL CONCORDIA and the appearing personalities below.



1st event: “Memoria e noir” (Memory and film noir) – 7 June 2018

Carlo Lucarelli Italian writer, director, screenwriter, TV presenter and journalist, explains how the memory of an event and the past of a group of people can build a plot and atmosphere typical of detective stories, thrillers and film noir.


Click here to find out more about this event: Memoria e noir.



2nd event: “Memoria come identità” (Memory as identity) – 8 June 2018

Federico Buffa, Italian journalist and sports commentator, through a story of memory and identity, explains how ambition, effort and history meet in the world of sport.


Click here for more information about this event: Memoria come identità.



3rd event: “Il monastero delle memorie perdute” (The monastery of lost memories) – 8 June 2018

At this event, through a dialogue between Marcello Simoni, former Italian archaeologist, librarian and writer and Luca Marchesi, Italian professional journalist and writer, the public will be able to delve into the meanders of lost times and memories.


For more information, please visit the link below: Il monastero delle memorie perdute.



4th event: “La musica è pericolosa. Percorsi di ricordi musicali.” (Music is dangerous. Journeys of musical memories) – 10 June 2018

Nicola Piovani, Italian musician and 2008 Oscar winner, performs note after note of musical memories.


Visit the page and find out more by clicking here: La musica è pericolosa.




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