LNG vehicle fuel

L-CNG plant

The main characteristic of this type of plant is the compression of methane in the liquid state with the consequent consumption of low levels of electricity when compared to the system required to compress the natural gas supplied by the grid at a pressure below 5 barg.
Moreover, thanks to the LNG operating temperature (liquid state -160°C), when vaporised it remains at a lower temperature than natural gas from the grid and, at the same pressure, the volume occupied is less.

Main components of the plant:

  • Horizontal or vertical cryogenic tank (PMS = 18 barg)
  • Cryogenic pump for liquid compression
  • High pressure ambient vaporiser (PMS = 300 barg)
  • Compressed gas storage (250 barg cylinder pack)
  • Dispensing line
  • CNG dispenser

Typical installations:

  • No methane gas from a city grid or pipeline
  • Presence of methane gas from a city grid where delivery pressure is below 5 barg

Main users:

  • Bus fleets for public transport
  • Fleets of rubbish trucks for the collection of differentiated or undifferentiated waste
  • Private companies like: taxi, couriers, etc.
  • Private vehicles (Cars)

All the L-CNG plants offered by CPL CONCORDIA are modular and allow future modifications (addition of LNG dispenser, increased storage capacity).

L-LNG plant

Main components of the plant:

  • Horizontal or vertical cryogenic tank (PMS = 18 barg)
  • Submerged cryogenic pump for liquid transfer
  • L-LNG dispenser

Typical installations

  • Typical evolution of existing L-CNG plant
  • Installation of an internal fuel dispenser in a trucking company

CPL CONCORDIA has adopted submerged cryogenic pump technology for transferring liquid from the cryogenic tank to the dispenser. This technology allows:

  • Ease of filling the fixed tank from the tanker
  • Continuous supply of compressed and liquid gas even during tank filling phases
  • Ease of filling cryogenic tanks installed on board heavy vehicles

Main users

  • Fleets of heavy vehicles for small and large distribution
  • Fleets of private heavy vehicles (couriers)

L-CNG + LNG plant

A system for fuelling vehicles with dispensers both for CNG and LNG.
The components used are the same as in the two previous plants and the modularity of the plant allows for incremental investments by the customer over time.

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