Industrial use

The main applications of LNG in an industrial facility can be:

  • Heating needs (chemical and petrochemical industries, metalworking, ceramics factories, foodstuffs, textiles, etc.)
  • Replacement of traditional fuels used for the production of thermal energy
  • Back-up systems for users with special needs
  • Installations to meet higher electrical and thermal consumption
  • Production plants for: Electrical Energy and Electrical + Thermal Energy (Co-generation and Tri-generation)

Communal and residential use

Liquefied Natural Gas plants for civil use refer to the use of natural gas for the supply of city grids or buildings for civil use.

  • City distribution grid: In areas not reached by the natural gas pipeline, the city can be supplied with methane using an LNG regasification plant, thus replacing existing fuels (LPG or Propane-Air)
  • Buildings for civil use: CPL CONCORDIA equipped the civilian hospital of Vallo della Lucania, Salerno with an LNG regasification satellite plant to fuel its central heating plant

Automotive fuel

Currently, almost all fuel stations in Italy located near distribution grids or pipelines are equipped with refuelling facilities for cars powered by natural gas.
LNG also makes it possible for fuel stations located in peripheral areas to have natural gas systems both in gaseous and liquid form, thereby offering methane engines an extensive supply network comparable to that of traditional fuels.
Stations equipped with liquid methane systems can dispense compressed methane (L-CNG) for cars and light commercial vehicles, and/or liquid methane (L-LNG) to fuel heavy road vehicles and latest-generation buses equipped with a cryogenic on-board tank.

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