LNG is environmentally friendly, safe, versatile, and low cost.

Environmentally friendly

After hydrogen, Liquefied Natural Gas – but more generally Natural Gas – is the most environmentally friendly fuel due to its low environmental impact:
• CO2 emissions: -25%
• Nitrogen oxide emissions: -50%
• Particulate emissions: -100%


Being lighter than air, in the event of accidental spillage Liquefied Natural Gas is immediately dispersed in the atmosphere, contrary to what happens with LPG. In addition, LNG is neither toxic nor corrosive.


Thanks to its ease of transport and the ability to store large quantities of energy in compact volumes, LNG is a fuel that can also be used in locations not reached by the natural gas distribution grid or a gas pipeline.

Low cost

In recent years, the price of LNG has shown greater stability than that of other fuels. In addition, the simplicity of the plants and the low impact of maintenance costs make this fuel economically advantageous.

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