LNG is environmentally friendly, safe, versatile, and low cost

Liquefied natural gas occupies a volume that is 600 times smaller than natural gas in gaseous form. Thanks to this characteristic, LNG can be easily transported and stored.

LNG resolves the problem of the absence of a city distribution grid or a supply pipeline. It is also used for the replacement of traditional fuels like heavy oils or LPG to reduce air pollution.
The main uses of LNG can be summarised as follows:

Industrial plants
Civil plants
Vehicle fuel

CPL CONCORDIA builds complete turn-key plants, working with the customer starting from the business plan to the project, from the actual construction to commissioning and management of plant operations.

Through a remote monitoring system and the support of the Control Room, our company is able to provide a 24/7 service.



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Coop 3A Arborea

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