A major change

In the last few days, SNAM Rete Gas has sent all End Customers, i.e. Industrial Users and, in general, all Energy-intensive Companies (with production that requires high quantities of energy), which are connected to the gas transportation network a communication “Approval of Ministerial Decree of 18 May 2018 – Obligations regarding odourisation and safe use of natural gas – Delivery Point No. (followed by the PdR, the code that helps the customer identify its gas user)”. This message refers to the preparation and implementation of the Adaptation Plan relating to gas odourisation referred to in Resolution No. 250/2015/R/gas of the Italian Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment (“ARERA“, formerly AEEGSI).

For many, the above-mentioned compulsory adaptation of the chemical and physical characteristics and the presence of other components in gas to be conveyed was a sudden and unexpected change. The Ministerial Decree of 18 May 2018, issued by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (published in the Official Journal no. 129 of 6 June 2018 and entered into force the following day), redefines the obligations on odourisation and safe use of natural gas for End Customers directly connected to the gas transmission network. In particular, the Decree stipulates that the burden of ensuring the safe use of natural gas for domestic or similar purposes, even if combined with technological uses, is fully borne by the employer.


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What are the requirements for End Customers?

This Decree establishes some specific obligations for End Customers who are directly connected to the gas transportation network and who, at least in part, make a domestic or similar use of the delivered gas.

The End Customer must send the transport company:

A declaration regarding the category of use of the delivered gas, by filling in a specific questionnaire, sent by SNAM, with a deadline of 6 August 2018. In the questionnaire, the user can indicate whether the gas supplied by the transport company is used for:

  • Heating
  • Cooking and/or hot water
  • Heating + Cooking and/or hot water
  • Air conditioning
  • Air conditioning + heating
  • Technological + heating

For a declaration of domestic or similar use, including combined with technological uses, the user must provide the transport company with a certificate that this use takes place under safe conditions, according to the solutions provided by the same Decree (deadline 7 December 2018).

The transport company is required to inform the Directorate General for Security of Supply and Energy Infrastructures (DGSAIE) of the lists of End Customers who have chosen to equip their system with equipment for the odourisation of the share of gas used for domestic or similar use or to adopt technical-plant solutions with equivalent purposes as alternatives to odourisation.

The DGSAIE will randomly check the installation of these devices and their effectiveness in signalling the presence of gas in dangerous quantities and/or interrupting the flow of gas.

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Your questions, our answers

The Decree obliges completion of the questionnaire received within 60 days of its entry into force (by 6 August 2018).

Also, within 6 months from the same date (by 7 December 2018), for a declaration of domestic or similar use, including combined with technological uses, a certificate is required that such use is safe, having adopted the technical solutions provided by the Decree such as gas odourisation.

CPL CONCORDIA makes its know-how available through qualified staff to help with completing the questionnaire and give guidance on how to meet the requirements of SNAM.

CPL CONCORDIA is on hand to support you in the process of assessing the risks associated with your installation, providing suitable solutions and guaranteeing its operation over time through a dedicated after-sales maintenance service.

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