USER is a platform that interfaces between the end user, the sales force and the call centre and most of the main Billing software programmes of the methane, LPG, water, electricity and telephony sales companies, thus creating a 24/7 virtual branch accessible from any internet connected device.

With USER end customers can carry out key front-office transactions and the portal data is updated in real time with the company’s management system.

Via the CRM module (sales force) the company can manage potential/current clients and related commercial activities keeping track of every request.

The system is integrated with the agent commission calculator and with the corporate website.

Customer Web & Mobile Services

The web portal USER and its mobile version TAKEMEAPP enable user to manage their different contracts, submit meter reading in due term, monitor consumption of the past year and view billed readings, check the payment status of ex post bills, access useful information with the toll-free numbers of customer service and find nearby branches with Google Maps.
USER and TAKEMEAPP integrate with all other systems and are synchronised promptly to ensure data accuracy and consistency.

Key Features

Meter reading allows the user to communicate their consumption to the Company in order to receive a bill with their actual consumption.

The customer can receive the necessary information at the addresses indicated (telephone, email, post). This feature can also be accessed by non registered users.

The portal allows the end customer to:

  • consult and amend their registration data;
  • change the delivery address for receiving paper and electronic mail independently;
  • request or revoke the debit via R.I.D. by entering bank details and current account data on a special screen;
  • select the type of supply and display the account balance of the utility.

With this feature you can activate or disable the receipt of invoices via email.
The customer may indicate up to 4 email addresses to receive invoices. The message text can be customised and there are two ways of sending it:

  • sent by link;
  • sent with PDF attached.

In the consultation section you can view a log of each individual sent invoice.

The end-user can rectify invoices, with the obligation to enter their reasons, which will be dealt with by a back-office operator.

Consumption history is displayed in a summary table and a graph presenting basic information about the reading.

Dealers Agents and Resellers

Specific functions for the sales network include:

  • Entry of contracts via web form: contracts are treated as active only after they are entered online, and are transferred to the MUBI billing system;
  • general contact – CRM: allows the filing, research and planning of all technical and commercial activities that do not fall within the “standard” management (such as emailing, appointments, information telephone calls, etc.).;
  • catering to Reseller needs – Reseller can manage users under their scope of responsibility totally independently thanks to a dedicated module.



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