The Portal for Managing Gas and Electricity Sales Offers

With the introduction of the new Code of Business Conduct (Res. 426/2020), the calculation of the estimated annual expenditure plays an important role in the information that the seller must provide to the end customer both in the pre-contractual phase and in the supply phase.


WOM – Web Offering Management

The Estimated Annual Expenditure must be included in the Summary Sheet and in the Comparability Sheet to be delivered to the Customer at the time of signing the contract and, subsequently, each time there is a change in the economic terms and conditions during supply, this calculation must be updated and communicated to the Customer.

WOM (Web Offering Management) is the portal implemented by CPL CONCORDIA that allows the Sales Managers of sales companies to manage their offers and calculate their estimated annual expenditure in real time.

In addition to the estimation of the Annual Expenditure, WOM allows the Price Indicators foreseen by the regulations (Res. 426/2020) to be calculated together with the Unit Cost of Transport, Meter Management and General System Charges for a typical account.


Methods of Access and Roles

The portal is accessed with a Username and Password. Each enabled user is assigned a specific role with certain permissions/limitations.

The roles can be:

  • ADMINISTRATOR: can assign roles to users and manage offers, including the uploading of regulated tariff records
  • SALES: can manage offers, in particular create, modify or delete an offer, as well as calculate the Estimated Annual Expenditure.
  • AGENT: can view offers, without editing or deleting them, and can calculate the Estimated Annual Expenditure.

Offer Management

By means of a simple graphic interface, operators can enter the sales offers they intend to offer their end customers and calculate for each of them the Estimated Annual Expenditure, as required by current regulations.

The web portal is subdivided by type of servicegas and energy – and, for each of them, there is an Offer Management page that lists the Offers active at the time of consultation.

With appropriate filters or a simple search you can also view previous offers.

The tariffs related to “pass-through costs” (transport and meter management and system charges) are charged by means of specific records and updated every quarter.

Through the ADD OFFER command it is possible to create a new offer first choosing the name and offer code to identify it, and then indicating the period of validity, the type of Customer to which it refers (domestic or other uses, and for gas, also apartment buildings) and the type of price applied (fixed or variable).

In the second part of the form you can enter the prices defined in the offer itself.

Once you have saved your data, you will be redirected directly to the Annual Expenditure Estimate calculation page.

In the list of Offers there are a number of buttons that allow you to manage the offers already present:

  • DUPLICATE: allows you to duplicate an offer that already exists; it is useful if you need to create a new offer similar to an existing one: the parameters of the selected offer are shown and the operator can change the values to be updated. At the end of the operation, a new offer is created.
  • EDIT: allows you to edit an existing offer, to correct any errors. A new offer is not generated.
  • DELETE: allows you to delete an offer. It will no longer be visible in any part of the portal.

Estimated Annual Expenditure

The Estimated Annual Expenditure is calculated on the basis of the tariffs in force at the time of processing and is immediately visible on the display of the device used (PC, tablet or smartphone). The Estimate can also be calculated at any time by going to the appropriate section and selecting the desired offer.

In addition to the calculation of the Estimated Annual Expenditure, it is possible to calculate the Summary Price Indicators, as required by the regulations, as well as the unit costs for the Transport and Meter Management components and the General System Charges, calculated for the typical account.

The results can be downloaded in Excel format for easy transfer to the appropriate sections of the Summary Sheet and the Comparability Sheet.


Web Offering Management

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