The software to automate the production of Annual Consumption Declaration files


UTF Management automates the process of producing annual Consumption Declaration files for electricity and natural gas excise duty, in .dic format to be sent through the Electronic Customs System.

The solution provides for the acquisition, by importing, of consumption and other data useful to produce the annual declaration statements, with validation and processing in the report framework in the format required by the Customs Agency.



UTF Management

UTF Management offers the ability to create a database containing the history of the declarations submitted for future reference. It also allows an interim check of the amounts to be declared through the processing of partial data referring to individual months, quarters or half-years.


in applied rates, cadastral codes and other data.

as set out in the Completion Instructions.

of the declared values, useful for balancing the accounts.

for the telematic transmission of statements to the Customs Agency.

summaries of monthly instalment payments.

credits from the Annual Consumption Declaration.

and credit transfers between provinces.


UTF Management

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