The solution for creating, managing and storing the flows of the Indemnity System

Operating on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, using data extracted from the Billing software and download flows from the Integrated Information System (IIS), CMORutility acts as an aid for companies specialised in recovering debts from delinquent customers, supporting them in managing both incoming and outgoing activities.


The Indemnity System

Application method of TISIND (Res. 593/2017/R/com):

  • for gas and electricity services;
  • Managed with the IIS Portal.

Parties involved:

  • CC and UDD incoming/outgoing;
  • distributors;
  • CSEA;
  • Operator.

Flows and information are managed according to the company’s role, to ensure a fully customisable and targeted service.


The aims:

  • to combat and reduce the opportunistic behaviour of end customers not paying their final bills before changing supplier (so-called energy tourism);
  • to recover outstanding debts of customers who have switched out;
  • to avoid being financially exposed if indemnity is applied to customers being supplied.


CMORutility: prerequisites and advantages of the solution offered by CPL

The ease of use of CMORutility is facilitated by the intuitive interface, integrated user manual and availability of training and support from CPL.

Indemnity System flows

Flows concerning UDD and CC:

  • indemnity request (Outgoing CC/User);
  • cancellation of indemnity request (Outgoing/Incoming CC/User);
  • suspension of indemnity request (Incoming CC/User);
  • reports (Incoming CC/User).



  • conduct of the company with the end customer in line with the regulations;
  • accreditation for its role on the IIS and assignment of operators.
  • Outgoing CC/User: availability of POD/PDR and delinquent customer data for filling in the form necessary for processing the SI1.0050 flow;
  • Incoming CC/User: availability of the information required by the cancellation and reporting flows.


  • saving time and effort needed to manage the Indemnity System;
  • archiving of flows for consultation and use;
  • targeted investigations through the application of filters;
  • tools to highlight flows that require verification and/or action;
  • reduction of the margin of error due to the manual creation of flows;
  • ability to adapt the coding of CMOR request files according to criteria chosen by the user;
  • export of managed cases.



Regulatory compliance

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