Software for the management of economic and financial data

checkINvoice is the software created by CPL CONCORDIA for monitoring, managing and optimising economic and financial data related to energy consumption.



The aim of the offered platform is that of providing an automatic procedure allowing to check the correctness of the electricity and methane gas bills received from the suppliers. It is addressed to companies with several locations and offices (banks, consortia, supermarket chains, industrial groups, etc.).



  • support to the Purchasing Department/ Energy Manager in the choice of the supplier;
  • optimisation of cash flows;
  • check of the compliance with the supplier’s contractual conditions;
  • planning of future energy costs;
  • monitoring of consumption in order to avoid paying erroneous bills or bills incorrectly addressed to the company.

The advantages

The user can perform cost simulations on a monthly basis or for longer periods and plan future energy costs, also taking advantage of the possibility to enter actual measurements and, consequently, to forecast supplier’s bills.

The platform allows user to make changes to existing allocations, and to export data streams to other ERM software for cost controlling purposes.

checkINvoice takes care of the entire billing process for electricity and methane consumption and lets the user manage the different steps to analyse and control PODs/PDRs. checkINvoice also enables accurate comparisons between the amounts charged by a supplier and the simulations made on the platform by means of appropriate reports.

Process Management

The flowchart below summarises the process steps ensured by checkINvoice platform.





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