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With over two decades’ experience in the industry, CPL offers the Sales Suite – the integrated, advanced management solution for all corporate processes of companies operating in the field of Electricity, Gas and Water Service. Our applications provide broad configuration and customisation options to suit the commercial needs of sales companies, and ensure that corporate processes are kept up to speed with changing regulations and market needs. The benefits offered by the sales suite are topped with the expertise and professional service of our team, which ensures timely, knowledgeable response through all project stages.


MUBI enables complete management and logging of the full information about customers, prospects, quotations, contacts, outlet points and technical data through workflows that ensure integration with all applications in the suite.

MUBI ensures excellent performance including simultaneously. Billing batches can be partitioned and/or filtered according to contract parameters.

  • multi-service billing: gas, electricity, water, telephony;
  • single or mass billing of utilities;
  • rounding management;
  • management of the minimum debit threshold;
  • option to include charges or credits that do not derive from the user’s tariff plan in the bill;
  • gas and electricity bonus;
  • billing in regular instalments;
  • co-generation;
  • reversal of incorrect bills;
  • management of interim and final bills;
  • monitoring reports for
  • interim bills;
  • option to register bills individually or in bulk;
  • option to generate a preview of the numbering of bills;
  • adjustment of consumption estimated in previous bills;
  • tariff adjustment;
  • volume adjustment for retroactive changes in consumption;
  • consistency checks of numbering and registration dates;
  • month end records due to registration constraints;
  • single and multi-site bill printing;
  • creation of bills and credit notes linked directly to customers;
  • historical readings used in billing;
  • Agent management and commission calculation;
  • creation of contract templates and invoice layouts.

The application allows considerable flexibility in defining pricing plans and offers, enabling customised setups such as:

  • generic pricing plans;
  • customised pricing plans for each user;
  • option to associate offers, pricing plans with users;
  • various calculation methods
  • applicable to pricing plans;
  • discounts and concessions;
  • management of pricing plan version according to the period of validity;
  • management of the variant according to the different types of users;
  • management of VAT bands.

The consumption and payment management system gives the seller the option to manage the end customer in various ways and at various times. Key features include:

  • guided manual input of readings;
  • automatic import of readings from several sources: mobile devices, files received from distributors, remote meter reading;
  • analysis of readings with error and inconsistency management;
  • management of failed readings for specific customer;
  • management of gas volume converters;
  • calculation of projected consumptions using different modes based on configurable parameters: use profiles, presumed annual consumption or previous year’s history;
  • advances and readings with the option to keep actual consumption aggregated or separate from estimated consumption.

The software ensures the integrated management of all data streams and communications provided for by current regulations through standardised processes that optimise and streamline operations.

The records are complete with all sensitive information for credit management including:

  • collections of single and multi-user bills;
  • automatic import of post office payments;
  • automatic import of payments from bank direct debits;
  • instalments;
  • management of double receipts;
  • reminders;
  • outstanding accounts;
  • arrears;
  • debt collection management.

The sales suite offers a large number of standard reports for each business unit:

  • Vendor-Distributor data exchange procedure via web service;
  • integration with web services, email, webservice;
  • integration of counter features with Web Portal;
  • various types of reports for financial management and management control;
  • financial statistics;
  • interfaces with SAP accounting;
    import/export of master data and accounting data.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a complete, flexible ERP solution indispensable to manage all corporate areas: marketing, management, financing, production, logistics, human resources, sales and credit management.

This module monitors any deviations between energy purchased and sold in terms of consumption or cost by delivery point or PRMS, enabling the company to monitor business growth and profitability.

  • Electronic Billing services (automatic connection with registrars and those who follow the sending to the SdI and automatic management of the results);
  • integration for N.S.O. and PagoPA and the Document Composing service.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV/365 is a complete, flexible ERP solution indispensable to manage all corporate areas: marketing, management, financing, production, logistics, human resources, sales and credit management.
The key benefits of this solution are its ability to integrate with MUBI billing software and all shared accounting activities, bills, payment collections, etc.


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