CRMutility is the new Customer Relationship Management Software offered by CPL CONCORDIA in the Suite for Utilities. It represents the link between the MUBI and USER&APP systems for the management of Gas, Electricity and Water sales.

The system consists in a simple interface that enables tellers and Contact Centre operators to view necessary data, make queries according to billing specifications and obtain results and outcomes from the MUBI billing management software.

CRMutility is based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, and has been designed to address the specific needs of selling companies and enable the integrated management of pre-sales and sales processes. It is centred around Customers and the management of all customer-related procedures.

The common denominators of MUBI, USER&APP and CRMutility is the proven advantage of using Microsoft technology, and the added plus of CPL CONCORDIA’s in-depth knowledge of the reference market.

CRMutility supports all marketing activities addressed to existing and prospective customers with campaigns, contact activities, sales opportunities, and statistics on activities and data stored in the system.
Again, the system is centred around customers. Integrated sales and marketing activities offer operators a comprehensive overview of the business.

The system enables simplified display of information thanks to a customisable dashboard, lists and filters, offering operators a complete overview of searchable lists of recursive data in no time.

Customer Service allows for long-term retention of customers thanks to more detailed information enabling high service levels that secure customer loyalty.

CRMutility provides integrated management of the ticketing process directed to back office. It becomes immediately visible in integrated systems so that the appropriate action priority can be assigned to customers. Operator actions take effect on both systems.

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