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CPL CONCORDIA is able to offer an advanced Regulatory Compliance Service that is flexible according to the actual needs of the customer through a specialised team.



Today, energy markets are increasingly important and subject to frequent regulatory changes.

The aim of the Regulatory Compliance service is to provide guidance to companies subject to regulation by the various bodies (ARERA, CSEA, Customs, Integrated Information System, SGAte, GSE, etc.) in both sales and distribution.

The service is based on key principles, such as the continuous study and updating of sector regulations, the clarity with which information is provided, support and training to always be available to companies, helping them to comply with regulations.



Our team has a high level of expertise to be able to respond to the various needs that the market places on companies.
The continuous regulation affecting the various market sectors requires companies to update themselves frequently in order to be compliant with regulations.
CPL CONCORDIA’s Regulatory Compliance service is active in the sectors regulated by the Italian Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment (ARERA), as well as in services such as telephony and co-generation.
The team’s activities are divided into three macro-areas: Regulatory Affairs for the basic study and interpretation of regulations; Reporting Analysis to provide support and know-how for the multitude of reports that companies in the sector must produce for the various bodies (ARERA, Customs Agency, CSEA, […]); IIS Development dedicated to the world of the Integrated Information System (IIS) and the continuous development of software to be compliant with the various sector specifications.

The Regulatory Affairs team is mainly concerned with the study and interpretation of regulations in the energy sectors, both in sales and distribution.
The aim is to be a point of reference providing direct and clear support in an ever-evolving context by analysing resolutions, determinations, circulars, first level laws, technical specifications and guidelines of the various institutions, also noting the operational effects that the rules have on the daily activities of market operators.
The team sends out simple and clear periodic briefings outlining the main innovations affecting the regulated sectors.
Working groups can also be set up to analyse individual and specific cases that may arise in the world of Utilities.
The team members work directly with various officials when ad hoc enquiries are required, so that they have access to quick and direct feedback to interpret regulations.

The “Reporting Analysis” team is in charge of managing the various obligations that sales and distribution operators are required to fulfil vis-à-vis the various authorities (ARERA, CSEA, Customs Agency, Revenue Agency, GSE, etc.).
In detail, the group analyses the main obligations and collects data in order to be able to meet the reporting obligations.
In addition, the team advises on the data requested from time to time, so that they are handled correctly by the operators.
A compliance calendar is drawn up and updated, highlighting the deadlines to which operators are subject and periodic updates.
For those companies that use CPL’s Billing and Distribution software solutions, our team takes care of the whole process to fulfil such requirements, from data extraction and verification directly in customer’s systems, through to uploading such information on the various portals.
Advice is also provided on tariffs, with the preparation and updating of sales tariffs and support in the fulfilment of obligations related to the determination of distribution tariffs and the RAB.
The group also provides support in the activities of the “top tier” of sales and trading companies in the electricity and gas markets in Italy and Europe, with tools to perform activities such as consumption forecasting, portfolio management, pricing, and fulfil REMIT obligations.

The “IIS Development” team is mainly in charge of analysing the technical specifications issued by the Integrated Information System with regard to all operators in the sector.
The consultants on this team communicate with customers on any updates regarding the publication by the IIS of new technical specifications or significant changes in the management of the processes, offering the necessary support for the relevant interpretation and clarifications.
In addition to this, the consultants periodically interface with the IIS contact persons to discuss any critical issues on the activities managed in the Portal.
CPL can also provide the outsourcing service of one or more IIS processes on the basis of the Customer’s specific requests or needs.

CPL CONCORDIA makes its know-how and professionals available by accompanying customers in the management of their business in the gas, water and energy sectors, through training courses, offering them the opportunity to always be up-to-date on the hottest topics on the sector’s agendas. The training ensures high levels of detail by examining developments in the legal/regulatory framework and analysing organisational and implementation impacts. The courses offered are interactive so as to encourage direct discussion with participants, going into detail on each topic and thus clarifying any doubts.


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