Emergency Contact Centre for Utilities

CPL CONCORDIA specialises in outsourcing emergency service for Utility Companies, having gained over 10 years’ experience, highly-specific skills, and professional excellence. CPL’s trained personnel offers round-the-clock service 365 days a year in compliance with authority’s requirements for utility emergency services, with added technical and service benefits.

Information System

CPL CONCORDIA developed its Information System in full compliance with regulations in force applicable to Utility Companies. It is fully integrated with the Contact Centre system and setup to populate the data necessary to meet service quality standards, including the time call came in and conversation started, caller details, call place and classification, so as to guarantee the accurate sequence and inalterability of data.

Call recording service

The Telephone System and Information System of CPL are integrated in a single module to guarantee that calls are recorded.

CPL’s system automatically records the content of all incoming phone calls from the moment a call comes in.

Guaranteed uninterrupted service

To guarantee uninterrupted round-the-clock service in compliance with regulations, the Contact Centre of CPL CONCORDIA guarantees uninterrupted availability also in the event of external mains failure, as the telephone exchange can operate without mains for over 32 hours.

Highly qualified personnel

CPL CONCORDIA is duly registered with the Register of Communications Operators (ROC) and its personnel is trained to thoroughly check calls in detail. Employees receive ongoing, specific training on procedures, and on how to manage calls and any critical events concerning gas, water and electricity services.

To ensure high service levels, CPL CONCORDIA systematically assesses the actions of every operator and periodically updates procedures, performs statistical analyses of calls and examines any critical issues occurred during service performance.

Regulatory Compliance to support the service

CPL offers Regulatory Compliance services through a team of experts on the many regulations issued by the Italian Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment (ARERA).

This team assists with the interpretation and implementation of reference regulations, so that all emergency service personnel can keep up-to-date with and be trained on the latest developments promptly.

Quality benchmarks

  • response time to the emergency call (EC) of the Gas, Electricity and Water services:
    CPL STANDARD: > 99%
  • average waiting time:
    CPL STANDARD: < 25 sec.
  • telephone exchange operation without mains:
    CPL STANDARD: > 32 hours

* Benchmarks measured by the Contact Centre System/Switchboard.


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