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eRMES is an App developed by CPL CONCORDIA and compatible with Smartphones and Android Tablets. eRMES interfaces with the Contact Centre portal and DiNETWORK, allowing technicians to close down activities on distribution grids. The APP can be used directly in the field and off-line. This is convenient in areas with no internet coverage, and data can be synchronised at a later time.


Activities Multi-Display

The maintenance technician has different ways of displaying the activities to be performed:

  • calendar: it is possible to view the number of interventions for each day;
  • list: list of the day’s activities, broken down by distribution grid. For each User, the Activities to be performed are displayed in chronological order, giving priority to faults, marked in red;
  • Google Maps: through the maps, the maintainer can quickly access the list of activities to be carried out, select the nearest address, and reach the destination using the Mobile Device navigation system.



The Multi-Agenda (multi-calendar) feature allows one or more calendars to be associated with the same user, enabling technicians to work on both water networks and distribution grids. Through the “select calendars” option, Technician can easily move from one calender to another, without disconnecting from the application.


eRMES facilitates maintainers’ work. Using the app makes the technician’s activities faster and more automated:

  • The activities are managed in near-real-time: the maintenance technician can immediately view the details of the work assigned to them;
  • pre-completed activity sheets for field technicians;
  • The App allows one or more emails to be sent with the Work Report complete with Customer and Maintainer Signature;
  • input errors minimised through the barcode and QRCode reader (e.g. serial numbers, article codes, etc.);
  • dematerialisation and electronic archiving of Activity Reports;
  • possibility of generating electronic Activity Reports with a hash code guaranteeing their content;
  • the App is integrated with the Contact Centre Portal and DiNETWORK;
  • with eRMES, the role of the desk clerk evolves and changes, relieving them of Data Entry and enabling them to take on the role of Controller supporting the planning and management of Activities.


Emergency service

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