The add-on for electricity distribution

Dpower is the Electricity Distribution product integrated in the MUBI add-on, Multibilling for Utilities, a CfMD certified add-on for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform. Dpower natively integrates with the features of ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365, such as general analytical accounting, cost controlling, inventory, resources, etc. The Distribution Suite allows extreme flexibility and a wide configuration margin to manage different organisations, such as sub-distributors and closed distribution systems, and to automate the exchange processes with the various entities, ensuring constant alignment with the regulations and the market. The Distribution Suite module can be integrated with the Sales Suite in order to manage, in a single environment, operators that perform the role of Suppliers for Standard Offer and others. Dpower is configured for multi-company operations, multiple services, multiple languages, and multiple currencies.


Dpower makes it possible to store all information relating to load management users, prospects, offers, contracts, outlet points, meters, production plants, measurement management, energy agreements, customers and technical data via workflows that ensure integration with all the applications in the suite. Dpower also allows for the management of:

  • commercial quality;
  • grants and rebates for end users (electricity rebate);
  • settlement;
  • calculation of bi-monthly statements for CSEA (Energy and Environmental Services Fund);
  • TIT, EMT, DIS adjustment;
  • Point of Delivery (POD) data record;
  • data record of load management Users;
  • end customer data record (individuals or companies);
  • calculation of the distribution of SDC system charges.
  • pricing plans;
  • billing of services to load management users with generation of the transport invoice as defined in Resolution 268/2015 as amended;
  • management of Integrated Information System (transfer of service agreements, readings, changes to user details, switch[..]);
  • claim compensation management.

The software module ensures the integrated management of all data streams and communications provided for by current regulations through standardised processes that optimise and streamline operations. Main processes and obligations managed:

  • on condition;
  • transfer of service agreements;
  • change in POD status;
  • switch;
  • measures under res. 65/12 and res. 700/17;
  • quality declaration;
  • periodic reports to GSE/TERNA (RID, SSP, SSA, UPNR, UPR, GRIN, GO, Met. Corr. Update[…]);
  • equalisation funds: declarations of system charges, forecasts;
  • EMT, TIT, DIS adjustment;
  • load profiling;
  • UTF declaration;
  • monitoring of final invoices;
  • annual survey of electricity distributors;
  • Load Profiling balancing;
  • monthly and annual GSTAT;
  • Fuel Mix;
  • annual producer Survey;
  • estimated consumption monitoring;
  • Electricity rebate management;
  • Survey of electrical substations.

The system allows the management of the metering for the creation and archiving of the XML according to res. 65/12 and res. 700/17 formats. Automation is provided for interchange with various remote reading systems. In addition to this, an additional standard path is managed for importing readings/consumption. Main features:

  • importing readings/consumption from smart metering systems;
  • analysis of readings/consumptions with error and inconsistency management;
  • management of meters;
  • management of production plants;
  • calculation of projected consumptions using different modes based on configurable parameters.

Dpower has been analysed and created using advanced calculation algorithms to ensure compliance with cycle transport invoices, adjustments and other fees in accordance with the provisions of Resolution 268/2015 as amended, so as to also allow the invoicing of items other than the transport service, such as estimates, commercial services, indemnities, tariff compensation (the so-called social bonus) and the specific tariff fee, so that they are included in a single processing system, thereby optimising operating performance. Key features include the ability to automatically implement pricing, metering or other adjustments after changes. Compliance is ensured for cycle transport, adjustments and other invoices in accordance with Res. 268/2015 as amended.
Quality of outcome is ensured by standard control functions and specific controls that can be customised for each company.

We have the tools and expertise to offer solutions and assist customer is selecting the layouts of bills, contract documents, and all digital post-billing activities (XML, PDF, txt, mail, PA, etc.) in addition to conventional formats.

The Distribution Suite offers a broad range of standard reports for all business units useful for metering, measurement management, systems, sales, front and back office, credit department, accounting, management and cost controlling. In addition, DPower is compatible with BIutility software for immediate data visualisation on easy-to-read dashboards that allow you to compare, aggregate or isolate data against a period, a workflow segment.


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