The ERP solution for methane distribution companies

DiNETWORK is the software developed by CPL CONCORDIA for managing the typical activities of a methane distribution company.

Developed on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the modern and efficient ERP Microsoft management software, DiNETWORK guarantees the management of all primary business needs: general accounting, warehouse management, accounts payable and receivable, management control, etc. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  • available in the Cloud and On-Premise;
  • integrated with Microsoft Power BI;
  • ability to deal with web customers;
  • Business Central can be modified by installing extensions (Apps) that add features, change behaviours or allow access to new online services.

DiNETWORK can be extensively customised to suit the roles of different players: the RTC (Role Tailored Client) system lets users set up and customise their own work sessions.


System features

DiNETWORK has been developed to manage distribution companies and comply with the provisions of ARERA, including service quality, document verification, and communication standards.

Key areas are as follows:

  • grid code management;
  • Sales Quality, Safety and Continuity management;
  • safety assessments downstream of meter;
  • management of grants and rebates for end users (natural gas rebate);
  • Evolved data exchange portal via internet:
  • online booking;
  • TISG;
  • calculation of carriage and billing of ancillary services on the PDR;
  • overdue payments and relations with distributors and retail sellers;
  • management of the Integrated Information System (IIS);
  • Point of Delivery (PDR) data record;
  • Distribution Service Users data record;
  • End Customer data record (individuals or companies);
  • data records for measuring devices and electronic gas volume converters;
  • processing of requests of service users.
  • Grid and Territory Management;
  • pricing plans;
  • management of communication standards with UDD;
  • Performance Management based on National Communication Standard;
  • processing of switch requests;
  • technical office (site inspections, cost estimates, contracts, reporting of delays, orders and resources);
  • safety downstream of meter (management of assessment flows, internal and third-party installers and inspectors);
  • technical and commercial quality (reading management, reading export and import of user’s readings);
  • settlement calculation (balancing and adjustment, WKR coefficient management and SBG data comparison/check functionality);
  • carriage (invoicing and calculation of adjustments);
  • billing of services to users of distribution company according to price lists differentiated by type of service, area and customer;
  • management of Integrated Information System (transfer of service agreements, readings, changes to user details, switch);
  • claim compensation management;
  • white certificate management;
  • sureties;
  • management of data of Italian Chamber of Commerce portal Telemaco.

The MyGate portal is the web-application connected to the DiNETWORK ERP software for real-time exchange of information between selling company and distributor that ensures fast communications, accuracy and consistency of data.

The web portal will be integrated into the distributor’s existing website. Sales companies will be provided with the appropriate login credentials. This will allow them to upload requests in XML format via web, as specifically requested by ARERA, to check the status of their PDRs and to find information on the zones managed by the distributor.

Through the portal, once uploaded, sales companies will receive an immediate response on the eligibility of requests thanks to the close integration with the DiNETWORK software, which performs a real-time compliance check on the data. A continuous update on the status of requests sent will also be possible.

As required by the resolution, the portal must allow sales companies to make an appointment themselves, on behalf of the distributor, for the physical execution of the entered request.

The data exchange web portal, therefore, relieves the distribution company of all activities to import requests received from sales companies, automating the process of updating the software and meeting ARERA’s requirements for an advanced tool for implementing the National Communication Standard (SNC).

In the “MyGate” portal, all accesses are managed with Active Directory rules, so in terms of the GDPR, you are supported by Microsoft.
The entire implementation with the Web Services to and from DiNETWORK is also present, both in terms of connection and control of the data communicated or received via the WS themselves (SGATE; eSAC; WFM ERMES).

This system allows for the Automatic Management of readings. It has been developed to manage gas and water meter readings with the utmost efficiency and quality. RcNet is made up the following components:

  • RcNet host, developed in Microsoft environment;
  • RcNet mobile, installed on hand-held devices, oversees all activities of the meter reader in the field;
  • hand-held devices using Microsoft Windows CE or Windows Mobile and standard radio technologies;
  • RcApp the version of RcNet Mobile for Android mobiles.

Through this module, the distributor makes available a work schedule on the web portal, created ad hoc according to their needs (groups of available resources, municipalities served, time slots, type of activity carried out), from which the seller can independently book appointments with the end customer. The tool therefore allows for better communication between distribution and sales, giving the end customer greater speed and efficiency.


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