The heart of CPL’s remote monitoring

The Control Room of CPL CONCORDIA is at the heart of remote monitoring operations overseeing energy plants located throughout Italy with guaranteed 24/7 coverage.

The Control Room is manned at all times. Its personnel operates in different areas, mainly concerning facility and energy management. The plants managed include:

Main activities include:

  • on/off scheduling;
  • maintaining temperatures in rooms as provided for by tender specifications;
  • ongoing exchange of information with local area maintainer to ensure ideal operation of all plants.

Using the management software developed by CPL, we guarantee that our technicians respond promptly to unit failure or other severe failure events to achieve the highest possible uptime.

The dedicated portal makes it possible to monitor all characteristic values of the unit, from electricity and heat output, through to the temperature of oil and mechanical parts.

Thanks to ABB platforms we constantly monitor both the electrical production and the security systems of photovoltaic plants.

Such ongoing control ensures prompt response when output drops due to malfunctions or natural events, and also provides easy access to data to ensure top-notch efficiency at all times.

Because we use multiple SCADA systems, we guarantee ongoing inspections of odourisation plants, cathodic protection systems, remote PRMS monitoring systems and remote meter reading – including standard readers – to monitor energy consumption by large energy users and in the Italian gas market.

In order to monitor electricity consumption remotely, also in large scenarios split by geographic areas, we adopt a SaaS solution that monitors KWh used across different facilities, and breaks them down by type of use.
A software suite also gathers information on thermal and cooling power.





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