CPL members donate 600 Easter doves to associations on the front line of the Covid 19 emergency

CPL Concordia, following the Covid 19 emergency, has decided to donate the 600 doves, purchased for its members for the Easter holidays, to some national associations that are at the service of the most needy, including Porta Aperta di Modena. "It is a small but heartfelt gesture of sharing and solidarity on the part of our members in this difficult moment," said the Vice President of CPL CONCORDIA Samuele Penzo, recalling that, in addition to Porta Aperta, the doves have been donated to other organizations active on the front line in this period of emergency such as Caritas of Rome, Croce Blu Mirandola, San Vincenzo di Concordia, ASP Comuni Modenesi Area Nord and two retirement homes in Concordia and Cavezzo.