International Day Against Violence Against Women: our concrete commitment!

On the occasion of this November 25, a day dedicated to raising awareness against violence against women, we would like to share the concrete initiatives undertaken to contribute to a safe and respectful work environment. We gave concrete help to the association " House of Women Against Violence " in Modena, supporting the"CasaLibera" project. This initiative aims to provide an emergency home for women victims of violence and their sons/daughters, run by women who have found refuge through the nonprofit in the past.

In a context where the issue of violence against women is particularly relevant, we believe it is crucial to act with practicality and social responsibility. Our company is committed to contributing to the necessary change. Therefore, in 2023 we introduced the internal reporting channelEthics & Inclusion" in addition to the existing ones.

A digital platform that allows all female workers and company stakeholders to report sexual, physical or psychological harassment, even anonymously. These reports are handled by the Internal Committee of Equal Opportunity (CIPO), ensuring maximum confidentiality and attention.