In systems used to supply gas distribution grids, an odourisation system is normally installed, which serves to supplement the gas with a certain quantity of odourising liquid proportional to the amount of gas passing through. This means odourisation systems are indispensable for distribution companies.


CPL CONCORDIA designs and builds complete systems through its pre- and after-sales service available throughout Italy.

The technology

Evaporation odourisation systems

The evaporation odourisation system harnesses the reduced electromotive force of the gas of the odourising liquid. By introducing controlled restriction of the main gas flow, a reduced gas flow skims the surface of the odourising liquid contained in the tank, dragging some of the liquid molecules with it.
The system comprises a tank of variable capacity equipped with: two connections that link to the main gas line (one entry and one exit), two connections for the refilling of the odourising substance (one for liquid filling and one for gas expulsion), two connections for the level, one connection for the emptying of the tank, a connection for the installation of an injection system, a level in armoured steel (reflective or magnetic) and a containment tank (optional).


All the parts of the plant are made of materials resistant to the chemical action of the odourants: carbon steel for odourant based on tetrahydrothiophene and stainless steel for odourant based on mercaptans.
The seals are made from PTFE.


Strengthened by its experience in the odourisation field, CPL CONCORDIA assembles the systems using equipment and accessories that are useful for management of the system itself. Each tank is equipped with a needle valve with micro-metric opening indicator. The level is provided with a graduated scale to detect the remaining quantity and each connection features a shut-off valve to facilitate tank maintenance. The support frame is sized to bear the weight of the tank with liquid inside, while eventual housing of the containment tank is carried out with an optional support.


Reference standards: ASME VIII div.1, EN 13445, PED 97/23/EC, ASME U-STAMP
Capacity: 2, 24, 50, 75, 125, 185, 265, 385, 500, 1000, 1490 [l]
Pressure class: ANSI150, ANSI600


Injection odourisation systems

Injection odourisation systems are specifically designed to ensure a constant odourisation level depending on gas flow, the type of odourant utilised, and the amount of odourant required.


Our EASYDOR2 system has been developed to ensure simple and safe gas odourisation.

  • The lack of precision of the evaporation system, due to variations in pressure and daily flow rate of the natural gas passing through the flow rate gauge and variations in the level of odourant in the tank, are remedied by the system’s principle of operation
  • The control unit receives the measurement of gas supplied and decides on the quantity of odourant to inject depending on the programming parameters that are translated into a number of impulses to send to the metering pump to guarantee the scheduled odourisation rate
  • The system can be easily adjusted and regulated, operations required for its working are simple and intuitive and completed led by interactive software menus
  • System safety. All components are sized to resist the maximum working pressure of the systems
  • Service continuity. In case of damage to the injection system, the control unit automatically switches to the evaporation system or to the second pump in stand-by mode (optional)

Control unit features

The control unit manages the metering pump based on the quantity of gas passing through the gauge, in order to keep the rate of odourant in the grid in constant line with the planned value. It can also record, in the internal database, the warnings and data logged that can be read with the specific EASYDOR CENTRAL software.


The equipment can be consulted on-site or remotely.

  • If on-site, a display is available, with its own keyboard, that allows you to view and modify all sizes
  • The remote system is composed of a PC, with Windows platform, onto which the communication software is installed. This software can communicate with the peripheral via direct serial (RS232) or via GSM modem

A print unit (optional) is also available, which, if connected to the control unit, can generate a hard-copy document on which hourly, daily and monthly data is recorded.
The measurement of gas to odourise can be received by gas volume converters meeting regulated specifications with 4/20 mA analogue or impulsive signal, or directly by on-site sensors such as DELTA Þ counters or transmitters.




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