Systematic leak detection in distribution grids is key to preventing accidents caused by gas explosions.


CPL CONCORDIA combines the most efficient use of specially equipped vehicles with conventional mobile leak detectors.

The offer

Year after year, CPL CONCORDIA has been facing growing challenges in the field of grid inspection, offering cutting-edge technologies and nationwide service throughout the country.

Sensitivity level is tested on a daily basis so as to detect even minor leaks, which could only be detected through painstakingly accurate inspections on foot in the past.



The leak detection system installed in the 8 vehicles in our fleet is based on high-sensitivity methane-selective LASER technology.
The on-board control software processes the data collected by the gas leak detector into a GIS (Geographic Information System) in real time, and displays the vehicle path on a commercial map or a proprietary map of the Client (shape file) using GPS coordinates.
Digital mapping in the field offers the following benefits:

  • Leak detection is performed by a single operator, managing and graphically comparing the grid to be inspected and the sections already inspected, so that the customer has total control over the procedure (GPS position, detection speed, etc.)
  • The shape file is returned complete with field research data and highlighted leak locations
  • Automated, faster delivery of specific reports for Client


Localisation and classification

Whenever the presence of gas is detected, a thorough inspection is performed to determine whether a leak actually exists and, if so, its location.
During this stage, boreholes are drilled into the ground along pipeline axis until determining the leak area.
Each leak is geolocated and classified based on a hazard index set out in guideline for gas leak classification issued by the Italian Gas Committee (CIG).
Leak localisation and classification are documented in a hardcopy report that the technician delivers there and then. The report includes the planimetric data of the leak location to ensure that it is easily identified. At client’s request, the geo-referenced leak locations are made available in the Shape format.


Data processing

To round up its service, CPL CONCORDIA attaches great importance to documenting the activities performed. Reports comply with resolution 574/13 and with CIG guidelines, and can be customised by adding any additional data requested by the Customer. The company retains all data in electronic format for a maximum of 5 years after work completion, and provides copy of the documents at request.



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