Gas-chromatography tests are used to determine the Odourisation system presente nella rete. Si tratta di una procedura che esegue lo spettrogramma del gas, con lo scopo di determinarne la composizione.

CPL CONCORDIA effettua il servizio di l’analisi della composizione dei gas combustibili e del grado di odourisation level, by carrying out gas chromatography directly, using equipped mobile units.

The offer

ACCREDIA accreditation

The Analysis and Setup Laboratory of CPL CONCORDIA analyses the natural gas composition and odourisation level by directly carrying out gas-chromatography tests in its fully equipped mobile laboratory units.

The Analysis and Setup Laboratory of CPL CONCORDIA is accredited by the Italian accreditation body ACCREDIA to perform tests aimed at:

  • Determining the odourant content of combustible gas (current version of UNI 7133 standard as amended and supplemented)
  • Measuring the heating value and density of natural gas (current versions of UNI EN ISO 6974 and UNI EN ISO 6976 standards as amended and supplemented)

Analysis quality

For each substance analysed, CPL CONCORDIA guarantees multi-level calibration using primary standard prepared in accordance with UNI EN ISO 6142 and titrated in accordance with UNI EN ISO 6143. Traceability to primary standards is ensured at any time.

Each instrument is used under ideal conditions, as the vehicles are fitted out specifically to shield analysers from such external environmental factors as may affect measurements, to provide the utmost accuracy.

Each measurement is documented in Test Reports complying with law provisions, and approved by certified chemists.
Service technicians are trained to trace outcomes to the most probable trouble causes and identify the most convenient solutions for the different plants.
This is the ideal combination of measurement accuracy and odourisation management.

Types of analyses and measurements

Measurement of odourisation rate

  • Checking the odourisation rate of combustible gases (natural gas, gasified LPG, propane-air) is required under resolution 574/13 of the Italian Electricity and Gas Authority (A.E.E.G.).
  • Our accredited service is among the few that have the ability to perform measurements in the field, while ensuring full compliance with the guidelines for the determination of odourisation rate under Res. no. 574/13 A.E.E.G.

Assisted setup of evaporation systems

  • The assisted setup of evaporation systems is carried out in compliance with UNI 9463-1. Our expertise gathered over decades is placed at the service of managers to optimise odourisation in any type of plant
  • Gas-chromatographic measurements taken during the setup process document how the plant behaves in different supply setups

Quality measurement

  • Biogas and natural gas
    • Analyses are carried out in the field using portable gas chromatographs in compliance with UNI EN ISO 6974-4. The analysis determines the concentration of the main components of natural gas. Analysis data are used to perform the calculations required by UNI EN ISO 6976 to determine heating value, density and Wobbe index
  • LPG and combustible propane mixtures
    • Gas chromatographs are configured to measure the content of saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons and are used to determine the mixture composition.
      Calculations are based on the properties of the gas mixture, as provided for by the standard

Sample treatment
Each vehicle is equipped with a direct sampling system, in compliance with UNI EN ISO 10715. This ensures that the analysis of the sampled gas mixture will not affect gas properties. As analyses are made in the field, the outcome is available instantly and measurements rarely need to be repeated.




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