Public Administrations seek out qualified companies to contract out public lighting management.
In addition to building and managing public lighting systems, CPL CONCORDIA identifies any renovation needs to achieve energy savings: changing bulbs, installing power modulators, remote monitoring systems.

The service

CPL CONCORDIA and the Public Administration stipulate the size of the investment in the Public Lighting contract. Funding and regulatory requirements are the starting point. The project is developed around two key elements of the system: aesthetic impact and energy impact.

Public lighting service involves long-term contractual relationships (typically between 9 and 15 years). The Customer subcontracts the operation and maintenance of its lighting systems to CPL CONCORDIA. CPL accepts all responsibilities associated with the management and maintenance of the systems, including the energy bill. The contract normally also provides for ancillary activities: maintenance of traffic lights, management of Christmas lights, and more.
CPL CONCORDIA identifies any renovation needs to achieve energy savings: replacing bulbs with state-of-the-art LED luminaries, installing power modulators, remote monitoring systems, etc.
Luminaire revamping projects are also possible, for instance for urban enhancement lights.
CPL is equipped to offer artistic lighting projects using RGB LED technology for buildings, squares or landmarks.
CPL also deals with the management of incentives linked to renovations like white certificates and the consequent relations with the GSE (Italian Energy Services Authority). In fact, the energy savings achieved will partially or wholly finance the modernisation of the plants.

Who is it addressed to?

This service is targeted at all owners of public lighting systems: Municipalities, entities that manage road networks, public and private organizations that manage urban areas or infrastructures with exterior lighting (shopping centres, parking lots, etc.).
The recommended duration of a public lighting contract ranges from 9 to 20 years (shorter terms generally do not allow for system renovation costs to be amortised). Systems are warranted for the duration of the contract and maintenance services carry a full warranty.

The offer

The strengths of CPL CONCORDIA’s Public Lighting service are:

  • Quality: service level increases
  • Efficient use of energy: inefficiencies due to inadequate or obsolete technology are eliminated
  • Compliance: systems are brought in compliance with applicable regulations also in terms of light pollution
  • Rational approach: a Public Lighting Plan is set up to better denote territory identity and enhance the most significant sites
  • Urban enhancement: town landmarks are enhanced through lighting design studies and dedicated products
  • Ongoing technical consulting
  • Abatement of climate-altering substances: the integrated services offered by CPL CONCORDIA help meet Kyoto Protocol requirements



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