Photovoltaic technology converts solar energy into electricity cheaply and on a large scale.
CPL CONCORDIA has been engaged in the design, construction and management of large roof-mounted and ground-mounted photovoltaic systems for private businesses and Public Administrations for over a decade, and guarantees the utmost reliability and energy efficiency over time.

The technology

Photovoltaic technology converts solar energy into electricity thanks to the properties of silicon, a semiconductor material used in the photovoltaic cells that make up the system.

The key components of a system are:

  • Photovoltaic generator, composed of several modules connected to one another
  • Framework used to orientate and anchor each panel properly
  • One or more inverters to convert the direct current generated by the photovoltaic system into alternating current that can be used by electric equipment
  • Meters that measure generated energy and the energy injected into the grid

The advantages

  • The technology has reached grid parity, i.e. it is self-sustaining and need no incentives
  • Electrical bills are lower when self-produced energy is used
  • Income from the surplus energy injected into the grid
  • No pollutant emissions are released into the atmosphere
  • System life exceeds 25 years and requires minimal maintenance
  • Procedure to obtain permits for roof-mounted systems


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