District heating is a technology that allows for hot or overheated water or steam to be distributed over a network of buried insulated piping. Heat is generated in a central plant serving household users, public buildings or businesses.

CPL CONCORDIA has significant know-how in this field, as it has built plants throughout Italy, taking care of design and construction, maintenance, through to administrative management and billing.

The technology

A district heating plant is composed of one or more remotely located energy sources; it is housed in the central heating plant. The hot water generated is conveyed into the buried pipeline and to the connected buildings. Once it has reached destination, the hot water is used as sanitary water and to heat the premises thanks to heat exchangers (in lieu of a conventional boiler). All equipment is monitored and controlled by a computerised management system.

The advantages

Choosing the district heating service offers great economic and environmental benefits for the entire Community:

  • Lower running costs
  • Fewer hazard points
  • Versatile and specific use of fuel
  • Ongoing monitoring of plant efficiency and emissions into the atmosphere

The offer

The distinctive feature of a district heating system is its simple management: there is no boiler, only a heat exchanger. This eliminates hazards and the need for inspections. With the district heating service, all issues concerning (technical and administrative) management are a responsibility of CPL CONCORDIA. Management cost is commensurate with consumption: customers pay for what they consume, based on the readings of a type-approved energy meter.

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